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Red Rock HR Ltd.


Our services encompass a comprehensive range of HR solutions tailored to optimize organizational efficiency and success. 

Career Enhancement Services

Career Enhancement Services

Seamlessly integrating resume, cover letter, and interview preparation, our expert guidance equips you for confident navigation through any interview scenario.

Compensation & Benefits Design

Compensation & Benefits Design

We specialize in designing strategic compensation and benefits packages to empower and retain your skilled employees



Ensuring your organization's compliance and strengthening its foundational processes.

Outsourced HR Services

Outsourced HR Services

Specialize in optimizing HR processes to drive your business's success

HR Organizational Review

HR Organizational Review

From departmental reviews to risk assessments, we identify compliance issues and refine organizational design strategies for maximum efficiency.

Staffing & Recruitment Services

Staffing & Recruitment Services

From advertising job openings to establishing hiring criteria and reviewing resumes, we handle every step of the recruitment process.

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Founder & HR Consultant

Red Rock HR Limited was founded by Tina Leisle in 2023. Tina brings a wealth of experience and a passion for human resources, having transitioned from a successful nine-year career in finance.


She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, along with PFSA, IFIC, and LLQP designations. Her journey into HR began with a Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations, and culminated in a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management.

Tina's dedication to active listening, coaching, and problem-solving guided her towards HR, where she has served as a senior professional. She is an active member of CPHR Alberta and SHRM, and has volunteered with the CPHR Medicine Hat Committee and the Women in Business Committee.


Tina founded Red Rock HR Ltd. to provide personalized, down-to-earth HR consulting services that focus on genuine customer support.

If you like to learn HR related content visit our blog page for valuable information on HR related content. 

What We Do


Our Human Resources Department Management consulting services will help inform your daily decisions and guide your long-term strategic initiatives through expert advice on employment policies and procedures, recruitment and retention strategies, negotiations, investigations, employment agreements on either a full-time or part-time basis, and much more. If it’s a short-term contract to fill an HR role or ongoing HR services, Red Rock HR is here to help.

We exclusively support organizations and municipalities through experience and expertise in best practices and legal requirements on employee relations for small businesses from 10-250 employees in size as well as providing services where you find an HR-related gap.

Whether working with an entrepreneur, small business, or with a company looking to grow we believe knowing our clients’ needs is the most important. We put the HUMAN back in human resources as we believe in genuine and real customer support. We understand that each one of our clients has unique talent and business requirements that come from their company culture. Our services are tailored to meet your needs so that you can focus on your core business. 

HR Consultant
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Clients We Worked With

"We contracted Tina when we were left without any HR professionals.  She was up to speed with our organization and our processes almost immediately.  Her competence, productivity and professionalism was extraordinary.  This combined with her outgoing personality and genuine interest in the well being of all employees made her easy to work with and liked by everyone within our organization.  Our only regret was that we were unable to have her join our team on a permanent basis."

Alan Martens

CAO, City of Brooks


Here are some frequently asked questions that may help your understand our business a little better.

  • What is cost savings of purchasing a monthly retainer?
    Although our regular rates are already deemed highly competitive, we present an even more enticing proposition with our customizable monthly retainers. Our monthly retainers not only provide clients with the exact level of HR support they desire but also do so at a significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional HR team. Enjoy the added benefit of flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between tiers or cancel your plan to align with the evolving needs of your business.
  • How Does a Monthly Retainer Work?
    With a simple fixed monthly fee, you get ongoing support from an HR expert for any HR project, issue, or requirement that pops up. Our plans provide a flexible and budget-friendly option compared to the cost of maintaining a full HR team, including an HR Coordinator/Manager and HR Director, along with hourly consulting rates if that's your preference.
  • Is a Monthly Retainer Right for My Business?
    As a business expands, there comes a point where the demand for consistent and long-term human resource support becomes evident. This realization often occurs when managers or business owners find themselves overwhelmed with personnel issues like performance and absenteeism, facing employee requests for assistance, or even experiencing staff departures. You may start questioning: • Is a full-time HR presence necessary? • Do I truly need a permanent solution? • Can I afford the strategic HR expertise that my business and employees deserve? If you find yourself pondering these questions, a consulting retainer is the ideal solution for you. It provides the flexible and expert support required to seamlessly transition your business to the next level.
  • What Values Does a Monthly Retainer Bring to my Business?
    Valued Support A dedicated consultant is able to build relationships with your employees and the management team. This leads to more insight into potential issues, solutions, and the company culture. Having a dedicated consultant that your team members trust is invaluable to helping manage employee mental health, wellbeing, and satisfaction. Savings on Costs Opt for a monthly plan and benefit from having flexible HR expertise without shouldering the expenses of full-time salaried employee. Enhanced Flexibility Our monthly HR Plans deliver superior flexibility compared to a conventional HR team, all while maintaining top-notch service. Our packages allow you to have flexible options when your company needs change to ensure you are receiving the right level of service. Should your business needs change, you can change your monthly plan or cancel with just 30 days notice, giving you the agility to align your HR support with your changing circumstances. Peace of Mind Effective HR management is an ongoing commitment that demands continual attention and adaptability to both internal and external changes. With a monthly plan, enjoy the reassurance of having HR support readily available for you as a business owner and your employees. Say goodbye to the burden of handling challenging conversations, legislative issues, and streamlining processes – we've got you covered.
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
    This is when you as an employer transfer the management of, and responsibility for, certain HR functions to the external provider such as Red Rock HR. Many types of HR outsourcing options are available such as administration and benefits duties, full HR department management, on-call advice or project work.
  • What are the fees or costs related to HR outsourcing?
    Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible services to meet your needs, whatever those may be. We understand that every client is unique, so we offer three different pay structures to fit your budget and requirements. These three pay structures include hourly, project-based, or on a retainer. For more information on these pay structures please visit the Our Services Page and then select Utilizing Our Services, so you can can learn more about which option is right for your organization.
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