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Pay Rates and Structure 

Understanding How To Utilize Our Services

Entrust your HR responsibilities to us so that you can focus on the part of the business. that matters most to you. Whether you're tackling existing HR challenges or planning proactively for the future, our tailored HR solutions align with the strategic objectives of your business. Our flexibility shines through, offering both on-site and virtual services for short or long-term engagements. We understand that every client is unique, so we offer three different pay structures to fit your budget and requirements.


.Transparency is at the core of what we do and that means being up front with our clients

  • On-DemandThis pay structure is perfect for clients that have a more fluid project timeline or just need assistance now and again. With this method, you pay for the time it takes to review files or create documents and are billed based on the time utilized. The current hourly rate is $105/hour.

  • Project RateFor clients who have a specific project to be completed, we offer a project rate. This method is a estimated fee for the entire project and is paid monthly or based on project milestones achieved. This pay structure allows for upfront pricing estimation, so you can budget accordingly and understand what services you will receive for the fee.

  • RetainerOur retainer pay structure is perfect for clients who require ongoing support and is more cost feasible then a project or hourly. This structure involves paying a fee every month for a set number of hours. With a retainer, clients can have peace of mind that they will have our team's dedicated support for a set number of hours every month or quarter.

*Note: Rates for non-profit organizations differ from those listed on the website. Inquire for more information.


Customizable Monthly Retainer Packages

Unlock More Value with Our Monthly HR Retainers

Although our regular rates are already deemed highly competitive, we present an even more enticing proposition with our customizable monthly retainers. Our monthly retainers not only provide clients with the exact level of HR support they desire but also do so at a significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional HR team.


Enjoy the added benefit of flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between tiers or cancel your plan to align with the evolving needs of your business.

How Do Our Monthly Retainers Work?

With a simple fixed monthly fee, you get ongoing support from an HR expert for any HR project, issue, or requirement that pops up. Our plans provide a flexible and budget-friendly option compared to the cost of maintaining a full HR team.

Is a Monthly Retainer Right for You?

As a business expands, there comes a point where the demand for consistent and long-term human resource support becomes evident. This realization often occurs when managers or business owners find themselves overwhelmed with personnel issues like performance and absenteeism, facing employee requests for assistance, or even experiencing staff departures. You may start questioning:


• Is a full-time HR presence necessary?

• Do I truly need a permanent solution?

• Can I afford the strategic HR expertise that my business and employees deserve?


If you find yourself pondering these questions, a consulting retainer is the ideal solution for you.


It provides the flexible and expert support required to seamlessly transition your business to the next level.



Benefits of a Monthly Retainer for Your Business?


Valued Support

 A dedicated consultant is able to build relationships with your employees and the management team. This leads to more insight into potential issues, solutions, and the company culture. Having a dedicated consultant that your team members trust is invaluable to helping manage employee mental health, wellbeing, and satisfaction.

Savings on Costs

Opt for a monthly plan and benefit from having flexible HR expertise without shouldering the expenses of full-time salaried employee.


Enhanced Flexibility

Our monthly HR Plans deliver superior flexibility compared to a conventional HR team, all while maintaining top-notch service. Our packages allow you to have flexible options when your company needs change to ensure you are receiving the right level of service. Should your business needs change, you can change your monthly plan or cancel with just 30 days notice, giving you the agility to align your HR support with your changing circumstances.

Peace of Mind

Effective HR management is an ongoing commitment that demands continual attention and adaptability to both internal and external changes. With a monthly plan, enjoy the reassurance of having HR support readily available for you as a business owner and your employees. Say goodbye to the burden of handling challenging conversations, legislative issues, and streamlining processes – we've got you covered.

Customizable Monthly HR Plans

Our HR Monthly Plans are flexible and can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. The following examples serve as a guideline to assist you in selecting the package that best aligns with your requirements.

Contact Us for Tailored Solutions

If you're interested in purchasing or learning more about customizing a retainer package that fits your company's unique needs, please feel free to reach out using the contact options provided below.

HR Partnership Plan

Ideal For: Small-sized businesses and start-ups implementing HR initiatives and directly handling employee matters on their own; but requiring the advice of an HR professional along the way.

All the basic HR services you need to run your business


  • Need advice on an employee relations matter?

  • Looking for clarification on changes to employment legislation?

  • Are your employee engagement initiatives not working as intended?


  • Receive professional HR support and advice on an as-needed basis via email, telephone, or virtual meeting.

This is our most basic monthly prepaid package and does not include document work, or recruitment or interviewing of candidates/HR screening services.


It is an advisor on call package that can be customized to the hours you require.


Up to 10 hours per month


This is a sample plan and it can be customized for your business preferences


Talent Optimization Plan

Ideal For: Small-sized businesses and Start-ups looking to have their HR processes developed, implemented and maintained with day-to-day professional HR guidance.

All the benefits of the HR Partnership Plan:


  • Completion of day-to-day admin tasks:

    • preparing offer letters

    • termination letters

    • onboarding forms,

    • promotion letters,

    • performance management documents,

    • job descriptions, etc.

  • Creating/updating employee policies and manuals according to legislative standards.


Up to 15 hours per month


 This is a sample plan and it can be customized for your business preferences.


People Strategy Plan

Ideal For: Small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups looking to sustainably grow their business with their most important resource in mind: their people

All the benefits of the HR Administration Package plus:


  • Recruitment

  • Employee onboarding

  • Termination meetings

  • Exit interviews

  • Employee relations management

  • Performance management


Up to 25 hours per month


This is a sample plan and it can be customized for your business preferences.


Comprehensive Human Capital Plan

Ideal For: Mid-sized businesses with a strategic focus that are looking for a complete HR services without the team cost.

All the benefits of the People Strategy Plan, plus:


  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive organizational people strategy, growth and succession plan, training and development objectives, employee engagement and retention strategy, DE&I initiatives, and risk planning and crisis management.


Up to 40 hours per month


This is a sample plan and it can be customized for your business preferences.


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