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Flexible Pricing Options
Find A Payment Solution That Works For You

At Red Rock HR, we offer three flexible payment options to suit your needs, along with a variety of customizable package options. We believe in transparency so here are our pricing models below:


HR On-Demand

Outsourced HR services on demand offers organizations flexible access to HR expertise without the commitment of a monthly minimum. 


Flexible Access: Tap into HR expertise as needed, with no monthly minimum commitment.

Scalable Resources: Adjust HR support based on your current requirements.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Recruitment

  • Employee Relations

  • Compliance

  • Performance Management


Tailored to fit specific needs and budgets.


Cost-Effective: Manage HR functions without the overhead costs of an in-house HR department.


Expert Guidance: Receive professional HR support when needed


  • $110/hr for for-profit organizations

  • Preferential rates for non-profits

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Subscription-based outsourced HR services offer organizations a structured approach to accessing HR expertise while maintaining control over their budget and receiving consistent support from HR experts. 


Structured Approach: Access HR expertise while controlling your budget.

Consistent Support: Receive ongoing assistance from HR experts.

Monthly Retainer: Commit to a monthly hourly allocation for your HR initiatives.

Flexible Utilization: Use HR services for:

  • Policy Implementation

  • Training Sessions

  • Employee Relations

Cost-Effective: Ongoing access to professional HR support without hiring full-time staff.

Sliding Scale Rates: Rates decrease with increased hours, incentivizing long-term partnerships.

Predictable Costs: Benefit from steady, predictable expenses.


  • Start at $105/hour for for-profits

  • Preferential rates for non-profits


Project Based

Welcome to our HR consulting firm, where we specialize in optimizing HR processes to drive your business's success. When you partner with us, you're accessing a wealth of expertise tailored to your unique needs. 

Expertise for Success: Optimize HR processes tailored to your business needs.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Progressive Discipline Strategies

  • Employment Contracts

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • Targeted Coaching and Leadership Training

Detailed Analysis:

  • Organizational Analysis

  • Letter of Understanding

  • Project Estimate for full budget and requirements

Dedicated Timelines: Clear project completion schedules.

Trusted Partner: Drive efficiency, foster growth, and safeguard your company's future.

Rates for Project-Based Work:

  • $105/hr for for-profit organizations

  • Preferential rates for non-profits

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Additional Packages


Career Enhancement Services

Resume/Cover Letter Refinement 

This standalone 1-hour session at $100 or combine both services for maximum impact and enjoy savings with our bundled offer at $130 for a 1.5-hour session. 

Interview Mastery Package

All of this is available for just $165, ensuring you're fully prepared to succeed in your interviews.

Complete Application Bundle.

This all-inclusive package offers a personalized 1:1 consultation, either online or in person, ensuring every aspect of your application is finely tuned to perfection from your resume and cover letter to your interview skills. This steal of a deal is available for $220.


Staffing & Recruitment Services

Let us do the heavy lifting for you and guide you through the full recruitment cycle. Whether you need assistance with screening candidates or conducting interviews, we're here to help. 

Partner with Red Rock HR to implement a personalized recruitment plan that aligns with your vision and helps you find the perfect candidates efficiently and effectively. 

% of Salary Commission Cost


HR Gap Analysis

Not sure where to start and what areas of HR you need assistance with?


A HR Gap Analysis you comprised of an interactive discovery session followed by meticulous report writing. A comprehensive HR report addressing the 12 high-level functions of HR, pinpointing areas for enhancement and providing recommendations for  organizational optimization and employee satisfaction is delivered


Full Day HR Gap Analysis

3-4 hour discovery session followed by 4-5 hours of report writing


Half Day Gap Analysis

2-3 hour discovery session followed by 4-5 hours of report writing 


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