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Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for insightful and engaging presentations, that bring a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions to the table then this speaker is for you.


Whether speaking at conferences, corporate events, or webinars, Tina Leisle captivates audiences with actionable strategies and real-world examples. From discussing the latest HR trends to providing guidance on improving workplace culture, Tina Leisle's expertise is invaluable for any organization looking to enhance its HR practices.


Speaking Engagement Rates

Standard Rate:

  • $150 per hour

Webinars and Virtual Events:

  • $415 per session (up to 3 hours)

In-Person Events:

  • $1000 per day (includes travel and preparation time)


Rates are negotiable based on the event's scope, duration, and audience size. Customized packages are available upon request.

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